About Us

Who's Studytec?


Studytec Technology Solutions FZCO is a Dubai based, MENA focused education technology start-up company focused on developing products and services which democratizes learning in the Middle East. 

While be believe in creating and sourcing content and making it available for students, we also believe in providing a wider set of solutions towards this segment to make their student life more effective and fulfilling.

We have big dreams and ambitions, but we're focusing on our first product for now. Ztoon.com will be going live very soon!

What's Education Technology?


There are many definitions of what Education Technology is. This is our version;


Its the use of widely used technological processes and resources that make studying, learning, self development and performance improvement accessible to people of all ages and walks of life, through the creating, development and management of resources, tools, and marketplaces.


For further readings, may we suggest the following resources:

1. Wikipedia's page / article about Education Technology


2. Association for Educational Communications and Technology website